About Us


If want to get the best moving experience whether you are relocating to a new office or home, look no further. All American Movers is an accredited company that offers both services. As you can tell from the name, we only operate in America but we do plan to expand and move to other parts of the world.

The main aspect that give us the higher edge is the fact that we offer the best moving services consistently. In addition, we do not really have limit on what we can or cannot do in terms of cargo. Our staff has the skills and ability to move virtually all types of cargo to various destinations. The trucks that we use and well demarcated to facilitate movement of even the most delicate cargo.

We have also set up a simple service pricing system that allows one to know the exact amount of money that they are going to pay to enjoy the services. This helps to ensure that everyone involved in the move is at the same page from the word go. Once in a while, we love to reward our loyal clients and customers by giving them discounts and free rewards through online marketing initiatives.

Call us today for more details about the many moving services that we offer. We will organize a meeting with you to get an even better idea of your house or office moving requirements to come up with the most ideal package.